Miniature World  Of  Sherlock Holmes

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Last Updated: 22 September 2015

Sherlock Holmes was telling me about his idea to write a monograph on the uses of dogs by a detective while we were waiting for his latest client, Mr Trevor Bennett, professional  assistant to Professor Presbury a renowned scientist, who had been attacked twice by his own dog. We were later to learn of the Professor’s strange behaviour...

“I could see that something was coming along the passage, something dark and crouching. Then suddenly it emerged into the light, and I saw that it was he. He was crawling, Mr. Holmes - crawling! He was not quite on his hands and knees. I should rather say on his hands and feet, with his face sunk between his hands.”

The artefact we chose from this story was a gorilla/chimpanzee because it was the central point of this strange tale.

The Creeping Man