Miniature World  Of  Sherlock Holmes

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Last Updated: 22 September 2015

Sherlock Holmes had visited me a few months after my marriage, looking for a place to sleep. He was investigating the supposed murder of Colonel Barclay of the Royal Mallows, Aldershot. He showed me a sheet of tissue paper with tracings of the footmarks of some small animal.

“The animal has been moving, and we have the length of its stride. In each case it is only about three inches. You have an indication, you see, of a long body with very short legs attached to it. It has not been considerate enough to leave any of its hair behind it. But its general shape must be what I have indicated, and it can run up a curtain and is carnivorous."

"How do you deduce that?"

"Because it ran up the curtain. A canary's cage was hanging in the window, and its aim seems to have been to get at the bird."

The artefact we chose from this story was the canary in the cage because it gave Holmes clues as to the type of animal we we were looking for.

The Crooked Man