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Last Updated: 22 September 2015

Sherlock Holmes and I were studying a rough sketch given to us by Inspector Stanley Hopkins, a detective whose career Holmes had taken an interest in.  It was a plan of the downstairs of Yoxley Old Place where a Professor Coram lived and where his secretary, Mr Willoughby Smith, had been murdered.

“And, finally, there was this very important piece of evidence which was found clasped in the dead man's right hand."

From his pocket Stanley Hopkins drew a small paper packet. He unfolded it and disclosed a golden pince-nez, with two broken ends of black silk cord dangling from the end of it. "Willoughby Smith had excellent sight," he added. "There can be no question that this was snatched from the face or the person of the assassin."

The artefact we chose from this story was the pince-nez as it was central to the mystery.

The Golden Pince-Nez